Monday, November 26, 2012

Rihanna Fatherhood- Eww Diamonds

Fatherhood goes HARD with this one. Huge drop, pounding bass, probably one of the best tracks I've heard from the "pop dance" genre in a long time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Plastic Plates for Pre-Thanksgiving dinner

The Presets {Plastic Plates Remix} - Promises (mp3)
Depechemodelite/disco style remix of one of my favorite bands newest tracks. Synthy goodness with a little blip sprinkled on top, enjoy.

Human League {Plastic Plates Remix}- Sky (mp3)
A slower, thumping, bumping track with one of the catchiest hooks you'll hear all year.

Monday, November 19, 2012

We're Back! A Ghost Grind Story

Annnnnd we're finally back! Years ago I decided to take down this blog due to the bureaucracy of the DMCA. After multiple posts were taken down and several threatening emails were sent to me I decided to give up the fight. With the improvements Soundcloud has made over the past year and a half and realizing "hey I don't have to actually HOST the files on here anymore" I can safely say you're going to get music to blast your face off and worm into your ears as often as possible.

And now, back to the music (some of these tracks are super old but hey, it's been a while):

Death Grips- Get Got (mp3)
Turn up the levels on your stereo or music player, grab a drink and prepare to enjoy the ride. Angry chip tunes with a nice homage to KLF and Prodigy.

Kleerup- Until We Bleed Feat. Lykke Li (mp3)
Andreas Kleerup has taken Lykke Li's beautiful voice and layered probably one my favorite beats EVER underneath it. After the E4 tv show Misfits played this track I rushed to the Google machine to find the name of the song. You're welcome internet.

Metric {Adventure Club Remix} - Collect Call (mp3)
Not a dub-step fan AT ALL but Adventure Club makes this classic Metric track sound totally different. I put this on the other night before going out and had a mini "dance" party with my girlfriend and cat, that's what you should do too when listening to this.